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My cherished childhood Memories.
Growing up prior to the economic rise of South Korea, My parents owned a small and modest rice store. These were times when a single bowl of rice a day was considered a luxury…
I can vividly remember the days when fresh supply of rice arrived to our store, my mother would summon my two brothers, two sisters and myself for a task of delivering the fresh made rice cakes out to our neighbors, to those who would not be able to afford a meal. We did not understand at that time- why our mother would give this away. God has allowed me four children. We now realize that our mother knew the joy of giving and sharing and wanted each one of us to embrace this act of sharing.
We want to give our children and our employees, a chance to learn and embrace the joy of giving and sharing through this opportunity. It is our heart that wishes the love of Jesus to be shared.
The human face is "the reflection of the mind. ”Our wish is to share a beautiful mind with you through Dr.JK.Cielo’s products and success. We believe that our lives will shine more when we embrace the joy of giving, Our vision is to Share The Company’s Profits With Disadvantaged Families And Communities.
Thank you for being a part of our vision.

About Dr.JK Cielo

Dr. JK Cielo Cosmetic Inc. was founded in 2016. Corporate U.S. headquarters are located in the State of California in the USA. Dr JK Cielo Cosmetics has an extensive experience in manufacturing and developing high quality skin care products since 2007. The latest patented ingredients used in our products are supplied by leading laboratories in Europe and USA, these advanced ingredients are particularly designed for the skins that require special care.
Our company spends a significant time on studying and researching advanced scientific methods to formulate skin care products. Our partner laboratories work with prestigious universities in the area of developing advanced scientific technologies to ensure the natural ingredients and bio-actives remain stable during the formulation process. They have acquired the patent for a sterilizing manufacturing procedure in the USA, Europe and many other countries. Products developed by Dr JK Cielo are highly praised by professional spas, dermatology clinics, skin care vendors and distributors.

Thank you.

Dr.Jk Cielo CEO.

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